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Carrageenan, Extraction, Uses And Benefits

Over a long time, carrageenan has been one of the most discussed food additive which most people have not been able to agree whether it’s safe or not. Despite it being used in the processing of many foods which are consumed today still some individuals think it’s not safe for human consumption. The main arguments which have been made are about the effects of carrageenan on the individual who takes it. However, despite these arguments follow your heartcarrageenan has been used and is being used in the processing of foods. It’s a safe product which is used in the right amount and, for this reason, will not cause harm but will instead benefit you. To understand how carrageenan is significant and its benefits continue reading this article.

Carrageenan making process

Carrageenan is extracted from a famous red seaweed which can only be found in the sea. The process involves bvghrobtaining the seaweed from the sea and then you first it to dry up. Once the weed is dried, it is then ground to be fine. This creates fine carrageenan which is then washed to remove the impurities or the sand which might have gotten in the process of extracting and drying. The carrageenan is then heated so that water in it can be removed t leave dry carrageenan. The remaining carrageenan is later ground to make the various types of carrageenan powder. The most concern that makes scientists argue about carrageen safety is the treating of the weed using the alkaline solution. Alkaline solutions are known to be harmful and dangerous to the health.

Uses of carrageenan

jkhkyCarrageenan has been used widely I the processing of foods. For instance, the carrageenan powder has been used in the manufacture of baby formula. The fact that babies can take the formula and the health is good without complication; then carrageenan is also safe for the health. Similarly, carrageenan has been known to be used in the making t traditional medicine as the main ingredient. The solution will be used in treating some illnesses like coughs. Also, the seaweed is used as a stabilizing agent in the food making process. It’s usually used in the cooking of meat too.

Benefits of using carrageenan

Carrageenan has several advantages once it is taken in any form. For instance being antioxidant carrageenan will help prevent cell damage in the body due to the oxidative activities. Similar the product will assist in managing any irritation you may experience in the stomach. It deals with gastric discomfort hence keeping you comfortable.